About us

Mirabilia Art Wonders is comprised of cultural professionals with international expertise in the direction, curation and integrated management of museums, historic houses, cultural networks and districts, art galleries, archaeological sites, monuments, castles, villas and gardens.


With passion, professionalism and dedication we support public and private cultural spaces that wish to establish a strong identity and serve as a point of reference for public illumination, imagination and interaction. A mission that can be accomplished by breaking down the walls between the institution and the public, creating an integral fabric with the community and other stakeholders. In this way the cultural entities can become “living” places, capable of constantly inspiring emotions, building loyalty and stimulating the active participation of its visitors. With our support, cultural sites can develop and promote culturally diverse projects, adopt new and engaging ways of storytelling, employ best practices and safeguard the sustainable management of our precious cultural heritage. All of these activities are designed with the goal to increase the stature, prestige, and professional profile of the cultural space, and bestow wonderful art experiences for the local community as well as visitors from afar.


The services we provide range from the development of business models for cultural venues; the conception, curation and organization of exhibitions and cultural events; the planning and implementation of promotional and communication campaigns; the organization, management and oversight of in-house cultural tours and educational activities; the development of technological products and services for the preservation, awareness and enjoyment of cultural heritage; the creation of museum merchandise such as toys, calendars and books; cataloging and digitization; training for museum students and professionals.


With the growth, appreciation and impact of art and culture at its core, it is no surprise that the associates of Mirabilia have won many awards and both public and peer recognitions in their more than twenty years of passionate and dedicated activity.
The art professionals who manage Mirabilia are proud to have collaborated with Italian and the International museums on: mission and strategic development, museological, museographic and management projects; the creation of brand identity and general marketing, the curation and organization of art exhibitions covering many time periods and genres, the conception and production of multimedia and multisensory installations, videos, short films and trailers for exhibitions and cultural events, the hoisting of museum concerts, theatrical performances and other innovative cultural initiatives, advanced training and specialization courses in cultural heritage management, the editing and creation of scholarly publications, essays, journalistic articles and catalogues.